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    Request Tracker (RT) - extension - queue change on update

    One of the things I like to do when working with Request Tracker, or any other ticket registration system for that matter, is to do a warm transfer to other departments. E.g. when I have an issue assigned to me which needs to be resolved by another department then I'd like to create a comment, giving a summary of what has been done an still needs doing. At the same time I wish everything to be just that, comment, save and done.

    In our RT setup we give every department their own ticket queue, so allot of our work consists of exchanging tickets between these queues. RT however doesn't come with a dropdown to select a queue during an comment or when sending an e-mail. The result is that by default we would first create a comment and then later manually move a ticket to another queue.

    We resolved this issue by creating a simple extension for RT which adds a dropdown for selecting queues during correspondence or placing a comment. With this we can easilly place a comment and move a ticket to another department at the same time, makes life a little easier :-)

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